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Come and check out our Furniture Solutions gallery for inspiration for your business or home office. Affordable Office Solutions of Lewiston, Maine, sells high quality used and new office furniture to people and companies that need new furniture for their offices but also need to watch their bottom line. We provide custom solutions, without the custom price tag. 

You can always browse photos of our high quality office furnishing solutions, including customized office desks, task chairs, side chairs, customized conference tables and more at any time, down below.

Our projects are lined right up, and we are getting them done! Which means, more pictures for our gallery! So, be sure to check back in and browse often, we are constantly updating and adding to our gallery! For us, there is nothing more satisfying than a finished job that is well put together!

Please give us a call us at (207) 783-4820, (207) 576-4533 or contact us online if you would like to set up an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns about any of our merchandise or services. 

More images will be coming soon!